This Poem was a idea that came from my mum she suggested I should write a poem about a Zombie Apocalypse and Pen Came to paper Fingers Came to Keyboard Word Came to Blog and out cam a Poem.

They stumble run their rotten teeth
They are the terrors from beneath

Jagged claws, pale eyes
Ignore the Infected’s pleading cries

Finish them off is what to do
because later they will come after you

There is no hope they feel no pain
The shoot them now destroy their brain

When you become one, and it is when
you fall pray inside the lions den

Then do make sure,
Find the cure
A bullet to the head for sure

We are condemned to the same fate
to fall to the zombies ravenous hate

And through the infected’s hateful grin
They will tear you limb from limb

They delve like children in the cookie jar
Eating you alive like the free snack bar

You try to scream your muffle cries
as the infected hordes claw out your eyes

Eyes once a treasured gem
Now you have no use for them

Trapped inside our death cage
Like gladiators against the lions rage

Waiting for death to solemly claim
the soul it owns it has no name

The host is now the zombies prey
Do not feel grief or dismay

For you have not long, they will come
Your eyes white skin numb

The pain they bring you must endure
for this Zombie plague there is no cure

Your no longer a survivor, your one of the dead
You lust flesh, your out of your head

Your last sight will be death
Draining your soul your last breath

It’s smoky hand reaches inside
Departing out just like the tide

It takes your memories straight from your head
That marks the moment that you are dead

No time to dig a grave, no fear
Your zombie calling’s finally here

Now your a zombie you have no worth
Time to reak havoc on the survivors of earth

Hope You Enjoyed :D

By Caleb Law: 13 Years Old