Lately I have been doing quite a Bit of Poems if you view my Poems Category then you’ll see I’ve got quite a bit of a collection going but I’ve got to create a lot more to be described as Dedicated :D

The oldest questions in the book from the dawn of time
From the early days when lumberjacks, they were in their prime

This is tricky and it has, no true answers back
The question is what is eaten by the Humble Lumberjack

We all Know that Rabbits eat Lettuce and mice they eat cheese
Cows eat grass, Bears eat honey and chimps like to gobble fleas

What is it that they eat this is a big deal
What does the Lumberjack call a Good Hardy Meal

Is it wood is it worms is it even cake
Is it nuts is it fruit or is it meaty steak

Well they mainly eat Mutton, Pork and such like.
Doner Kebabs, Hot Dogs, and Kebobs on a Spike

Well that is answered but more arise where do they sleep
In a tent in a hut or out on the street

They live outside in a cabins, in the woods or somewhere near
where they sleep next to the head of his prize winning deer

He cuts down trees next to where the animals hop through
And staying near his loggers den in his pet the Carribou

I Hope I solved your question so we lay that tale to rest
So do not bother me no more do not be a pest

For I should be off right now sorry but I must go
For I have to meet a friend in the woods one that you now know.

Hope You Enjoy :D
By Caleb Law: 13 years old